speakster is a new social media platform concentrating on voice messaging. Users can communicate with the community by publishing short voice messages. A message can take 15 seconds at mosts and it will be deleted after 3 days – similar to snapchat. According to the founders especially large Social Media Platforms like Whatsapp or WeChat tend to neglect the growing trend of voice messaging.

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When speakster showed us their first prototype, the interface has still been a bit rough. In our first meeting wie quickly noticed that at that time the user experience didn’t fit perfectly on speaksters young target group and we’d have to add the improvement of the app’s usability to our tasks.

Speaksters requirements to develop a young and modern Design was very high, but having a cool interface wasn’t enough to ourselves. Therefore we also supported speakster with concepting and developing their gamification strategy which should have a high impact on user behaviour.


Usability Testing
Experience Strategy
Experience Design
User Centered Design
Icon Design



„Working on a social network was an especially exciting challenge, because it's the nature of a community to have a special focus on their users. It was our main intention to build a user friendly app which isn't only easy but also a lot of fun to use.“

Sabi klein

— Sabrina Mattle, UX/UI Designer


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Speakster Icons


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Philip Laskowski

„Hiding a sometimes highly complex program logic behind a simple usability and an attractive interface was definitely a very challenging task. young and hyperactive solved this problem equally fast and elegant.“

— Philip Laskowski, Geschäftsführer 5PM Apps GmbH

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